Adventure Travel - It's About Us and You

We believe that you want to be out there, experiencing all that this amazing planet has to offer. We want to make it easier for you to find that special adventure. Life is too short to spend hours trawling the web when you could be skydiving in Brazil or gazing at the splendour of the Serengeti from a balloon.

Adventure Travel Co aims to offer the most comprehensive listing of Adventure Travel Companies (ATCs) in the world, regardless of their size or influence. It’s not about their flashy websites; it’s about giving you the truth and plenty of choice. We'd prefer the provider spent money on keeping those parachutes in good shape; wouldn't you?

Our listings are extensive. We cater for the gap year traveller on a tight budget, through to the couple who want to spend a month scuba diving from a live-aboard in the South Pacific. It's your hard-earned money; you decide how to spend it.

You have the power to bring real information to adventurers by giving honest ratings and reviews. This also offers ATCs, large and small, a realistic chance to compete with each other. As we all know, there is no hiding place from a poor review!

More About Us and Adventure Travel

The Environment

The often quoted, “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos”, eloquently sums up how we would like to travel. We have included an Eco Rating, helping travellers identify the environmental issues and possible impact of their trip. This is something that is important to us at Adventure Travel Co, however, the rating is there for you to make your own decisions.

Making money

Like any organisation, we need to make money to support our business costs and to pay our staff. We do this by charging ATCs a realistic fee for advertising on our site. Unlike some, our idea of a ‘realistic fee’ does not exclude smaller operators; all they need is a website, email or phone number. Ultimately however, it is you, the user, whose opinion governs exposure of an ATC, not the highest paid advertising fee.

We also provide unobtrusive contextual ads. These are there to supplement your travel choices and to help you find the best transport, accommodation, insurance, equipment and trips for your adventure.


We want everyone to benefit from all our hard work. We want you to have everything you need in one place. We want our ratings systems to be helpful. We want the providers to know they have the coverage they need to provide the best service. And we want to know that we are providing the very best Adventure Travel website in the world.

Go Green and the Tree Appeal

We have tried to make the production and maintenance of our site environmentally friendly, you can read more about our hosting provider and their Tree Appeal campaign by clicking here and visiting our Go Green and Tree Appeal page with NSDesign

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